Our Teams + Training

Every team requires a leader and as such, Trojan Security Australia Team Leaders are highly skilled and highly trained individuals that can react to any and all required tasks at very short notice.

All Team Leaders and team members undergo constant training to keep them up to date with new operational methods, equipment, cultural diversity, communications skills and to maintain fitness.

We independently verify the qualifications and experience of every team member, including: 

  • Criminal background checks.
  • Licences and Certificates.
  • History of employment checks.
  • Verifiable systems are in place to ensure continued suitability for employment.

When you contract Trojan Security Australia, that is who you get.  All of our operations are carried out by our own personnel and we do not sub-contract to companies outside of our control.

Trojan Security Australia is committed to the up-skilling and constant training of all operational staff. We keep our teams busy improving their skills, fitness and undertaking Trojan Security Australia’s cultural diversity training; a specialised training schedule for all staff to act with respect when dealing with other cultures. 

Our teams are constantly backed up by our 24-hour Operations Centre based in South Australia and our Regional Operations Offices, with direct line of contact to all personnel, no matter where in Australia they might be.

Our Operations Centre is one of the key areas for Trojan Security Australia’s success, feeding our clients and staff with the latest information and keeping our staff on the cutting edge for their operational decision making.


Call 24/7 on 1300 964 007 or contact us here for more information.