Patrols & Emergency Response

Trojan`s Security Patrols are used to protect property, assets and people. In most cases just having a regular visit by one of Trojan Security Australia’s Mobile Patrol Vehicles to your site can be enough of a deterrent for perpetrators.

Trojan`s Security Patrols offer much more than just being a visual deterrent. Our security patrol officers will observe and report on areas that are not necessarily directly related to security as well as duties such as:

  • Inspection to identify maintenance issues.
  • Building lock-up and openings.
  • Inspection of site to identify maintenance and OH&S issues.
  • Responding to alarms or emergencies.
  • Supervise site security system and emergency alarms.
  • Building lock-up and opening.
  • Responding to alarms or emergencies.
  • Welfare checks on your personnel working alone or late at night.
  • Trojan Security Australia security Patrol officers undergo a rigorous and ongoing training regime to improve their skill set.   


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